About Us

I worked in the software industry for more than 30 years and love technology. I also love reading about our space programs and can watch rockets take off and land over and over again. For years I’ve been fascinated with the question of how to feed astronauts on a long mission to Mars and have read a lot of articles on indoor agriculture. I knew when I closed the door on my software career I would open the door to indoor farming, and it’s been such a great change!

It’s a joy to watch these microgreen plants grow, knowing how important they are to a healthy diet.

It’s satisfying to build a business focused on sustainability that uses such low amounts of water, electricity and transportation fuel.

And it’s fun to build a business that’s local, that serves the North Shore community and allows me to meet so many people in our area.

There’s a lot of great things coming up in 2021, such as a move to compostable packaging and partnering with food-based charities in our area. Stay tuned as I update this page with news.

Please join me on this adventure for healthy eating, sustainable farming and making our beautiful community even better!

Bob Doyle

Manchester by the Sea