Juice It!

All of the green. None of the green powders.

This juice this as fresh as it gets, with no mysterious green powder to augment it. You’ll be surprised how sweet this juice really is! It comes from the refreshing taste of cucumber and celery and pairs beautifully with the immune boosting sunflower and pea microgreens.


  • 1 Organic Cucumber
  • 2 stalks Organic Celery (leaves and all)
  • 1 large handful Organic Sunflower Sprouts
  • 1 large handful Organic Pea Sprouts


Juice this nutrient dense green juice and enjoy straight away 

The Wigmore Diet and the Hippocrates Health Institute

This recipe is based on the Wigmore Diet. The Wigmore diet was developed during the 1960s by Ann Wigmore, a woman who was born in Eastern Europe in 1909 and emigrated to the United States after World War I. Taught the use of natural healing methods as a child, she did not, use this folk wisdom immediately but returned to it developing health issues that included colitis, headaches, and arthritis. When she finally learned that she had cancer, she returned to those natural healing methods in order to regain her health.

After testing the results of a diet based on sprouts and wheat grass juice in her own life, she wanted others to benefit from what she had learned. Ann Wigmore founded the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston in 1963, which still teaches her methods of self-healing through a live-foods diet.

Developed over a twenty-year period at the Hippocrates Health Institute, one of the nation’s first and finest holistic health centers, the Wigmore Diet allows the body to correct its problems naturally and at its own pace. Through a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and super nutritious foods such as sprouts and wheatgrass juice, all of which are prepared without cooking, the body is able to restore its internal balance—and its capacity to maintain a healthy weight, fight disease, and heal itself. 

The Wigmore diet is based on the assumption that the high levels of living enzymes in fresh raw foods, particularly wheat grass juice and fresh sprouts, provide the body with substances needed to detoxify and regenerate it. In addition to increased vitality and a strengthened immune system, the Wigmore regimen is thought to help individuals overcome some serious diseases, including arthritis, digestive tract problems, allergies, and even cancer.

North Shore MicroFresh

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